About me

My professional journey as a strategist, coach, and leader in national and international environments has taught me the crucial importance of inspiring teams to collaboratively create and enhance extraordinary products, projects, and services. Early on, I recognized the significance of a holistic approach to collective growth—a principle that I have continuously enriched and refined through coaching, strategic consulting, organizational development, and mediation over the years. I refer to this concept as the "Prinzip ZusammenWachsen©", focusing on growing together as a team to achieve sustainable growth. I view the personal development of each individual as an essential component of this process.

My comprehensive range of competencies inspires people, defines ambitions empathetically, and thus ensures synergistic collaboration:

  • Graduate in Business Administration with a focus on International Management & Corporate Strategy
  • Certified Strategy Consultant
  • Personal and Business Coach (CCI and EBE certified)
  • Licensed MBTI® Coach (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Steps I and II)
  • Master Typo 3® Profiler
  • Systemic Coach & Constellation Leader
  • NLP Practitioner (International Association of NLP Institutes)
  • Business Mediation and Business Mediator (CCI Certificate Course)
  • Experienced in facilitating workshops & think tanks
  • ARIS Process Modeller

My passion is to support individuals in recognizing their personal strengths and synergistically connecting them with others to achieve the best possible results as a team. This commitment has prompted me to build a network to elevate the principle of "ZusammenWachsen" to an even higher level. I delve deeply into the anthropological, cultural, psychological, and systemic aspects of challenges and their solutions. My goal is a world where we can build profound trust through mutual understanding and empathy and achieve great things together.

With years of experience in consulting, the consumer goods industry, fashion, lifestyle, and gastronomy, I speak four languages (German, English, French, and Italian) and have spent many years abroad, where I served in leadership positions for various companies.

Martin Wilhelm Coach & Berater

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