Project Lead & Project Management Consulting

 On your journey of growth, the Prinzip ZusammenWachsen©, specializing in agile and synergistic project management, accompanies you. We ensure that as a CEO, you can focus on your primary tasks while we set up the project planning or coordinate the project for you.

Together with you, we establish an efficient project organization, define the sprint and meeting structure, and set up the necessary tools – from the project plan to advanced tools. We support project managers and subject matter experts with coaching and training to ensure that structures and tools are not only utilized but also further developed. And if desired, Martin takes on the role of the coordinating project manager, keeping you regularly informed about progress.

Martin brings over 15 years of project management experience from various roles including department head, in-house consultant, and strategy lead. Our network consolidates more than 40 years of project experience across a multitude of industries and areas. Our expertise in project management spans strategy and organizational development projects, process optimizations, ERP and software transitions, M&A projects, product launches, and online commerce strategies, as well as supporting teams during company relocations.

What sets us apart is our unique approach: "GrowTogether in Projects". This approach integrates the human factor alongside the classical methodical approach to project structures. Experience has shown that the challenges of projects often lie not in the choice of method or tools, but in a lack of synergistic alignment, personal blockages, and political differences. Here, the Prinzip ZusammenWachsen creates #UNDERSTANDING, builds #TRUST, and conveys a clear #VISION for a superior, shared project goal.

Ready for a synergetic growth in you project?


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