Consulting in Business Strategy & Organizational Development

Martin and the Prinzip ZusammenWachsen© network specialize in guiding companies through their transformation and organizational development journey. We support the entire strategy process, from analysis to implementation, always focusing on personal and organizational growth. With a broad spectrum of individually tailored methods, we enable sustainable development without resorting to rigid frameworks. Instead, we develop customized solutions for change management and growth strategies that are precisely aligned with your business objectives.

We are experts in defining the Business Operating Model, crafting compelling business cases, and optimizing the setup of processes as well as KPIs/OKRs. Our strength lies in refining existing processes and business goals and accelerating marketing strategies, pricing, and corporate expansion. We provide the necessary consultancy to develop a deep understanding of the market and customers, strengthen confidence in one's own resources, and articulate a fitting vision and mission. With tools like our proven Functional Organisational Chart©, we identify strengths and weaknesses and derive targeted actions for change management.

Our work is focused on acting synergistically with your knowledge and that of your employees. The competencies for innovation and progress already exist within your company – we have the methodology to effectively activate these and turn them into concrete plans.

Are you unsure about the final goal or the exact problem? With our diagnostic approaches and design thinking methods, we uncover these together and develop clear paths to solutions.

The consultants in our network bring a wide range of skills and in-depth industry knowledge, essential for targeted consulting. With solid capabilities in strategic planning, operational management, and technological innovation, we bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, from startups to established large enterprises. We are not just consultants but also active creators who combine best practices with creative, forward-thinking approaches. This ensures that the strategies we develop not only succeed in the current market environment but also withstand future challenges.

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