Need help in conflict situations?

 Conflicts present unique challenges, but they also offer the opportunity to grow closer together. As a mediator and commercial mediator (CCI), I guide you and all involved parties through the conflict resolution process. Using a structured mediation procedure, we work together to develop a solution that satisfies all parties. Whether mediation has been court-ordered or you are seeking a solution on your own initiative – my goal is to find a path with you that resolves the conflict sustainably.

However, mediation is not just a tool for resolving conflicts. It can also be proactively used in a company to prevent potential conflicts. Through specially tailored conflict training for executives and a comprehensive conflict prevention analysis, supplemented by workshops and integrated coaching, I work to prevent the emergence of conflicts from the outset.

Together, we create an environment where open communication is encouraged, and conflicts can be resolved constructively. Let's take the first step and together establish a culture of understanding and collaboration in your company or your personal environment.


The key for conflict resolution

Conflicts are often burdened with the misunderstanding that they can only produce losers. However, this viewpoint overlooks an important truth: every conflict holds the potential for growth and progress, provided it is approached constructively. Unaddressed, conflicts drain our time and energy unnoticed. The art lies in not waiting too long or hesitating, as this risks unwanted escalation with destructive consequences.

This is precisely where mediation comes in: a structured, confidential process aimed at breaking through the negative dynamics of a conflict. As your mediator, I guide you through a moderated process with the goal of finding a solution acceptable to all parties. The process follows the "Prinzip ZusammenWachsen" and is divided into three key steps:

Step 1: Understanding - A deeper understanding of the conflict situation, one’s own injuries, accusations, and demands forms the basis. Why are we in this conflict? What really lies behind it?

Step 2: Vision - Developing a shared vision. What is our overarching common goal? How can we both win and protect what is important to us?

Step 3: Trust - Working out steps to reach a solution together. How can we resolve the conflict in a way that allows us to look each other in the eye with respect and trust at the end?

The goal of mediation is to find a solution that not only ends the conflict but also allows you to emerge strengthened and with renewed trust from the situation. Together, we build a foundation for the future that minimizes the potential for conflicts.

Mediation ist der Weg raus aus dem Konflikt

Conflict Prevention

Actively and preventively fighting the negative and destructive side of conflicts

Not all conflicts have to inevitably end in dead ends or negative experiences. In fact, they can serve as powerful stimuli for change and innovation by prompting us to question outdated structures and explore new paths. The key is to identify conflict potentials early on and use them constructively before they take a destructive turn.

Too often, we quickly reach a point where conversation ends and the search for a common solution is abandoned. This moment marks the beginning of a downward spiral. To avoid precisely this turning point, I have developed a program aimed at intervening early and preventing escalation. 

In 5 Schritten zur effektiven Konfliktprävention:

 My approach is designed to provide you with the tools to: 

  1. Recognize conflict potentials early on,
  2. Understand how positive changes can be initiated through conflicts,
  3. Keep communication channels open,
  4. Jointly search for consensual solutions,
  5. Consistently avoid the emergence of destructive conflict dynamics. 

Through these preventive measures, you not only strengthen your team's or company's resilience to conflicts but also promote a culture of openness, respect, and continuous improvement.
Let's lay the foundation together for a constructive coexistence where conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth and innovation.

mit dem Prinzip ZusammenWachsen Konflikten präventiv vorbeugen

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