Support in Merger & Acquisition

GrowTogether through Strategic Foresight; If you want to grow your business, a strategically well-thought-out Merger & Acquisition (M&A) process can be crucial. We accompany you and your team through extensive parts and the critical phases of the M&A process.

From the initial analysis during the Initial Due Diligence through to the development of the Business Case and the detailed continuation of the Due Diligence – I am by your side. We prepare the documents for the Investment Committee and conduct thorough feasibility studies. After the closing, we assist you with the subsequent organizational transformation.

Our expertise in Due Diligence focuses on managing the Due Diligence project, supporting & sparring during the Finance and Strategy Due Diligence, the Product & Marketing Due Diligence, as well as the Organizational Due Diligence. Specifically for industries such as hospitality, fashion & design, and lifestyle, we additionally offer targeted screening for potential venture capital investments, equity & asset deals, complemented by strategic recommendations that significantly shape your path to growth.

We offer a wide range of services, from facilitating straightforward venture capital investments in startups, through the integration of insolvent key suppliers and asset deals with former franchise partners, to managing equity deals with companies that provide essential technologies for your growth.

Our special service is the Organisational Due Diligence. Here, we evaluate synergies and potential dysfunctions between the culture and organizational structure of the investor and the capital recipient, or the buyer and the acquisition company. This process ranges from analyzing relevant factors to assisting in the transformation, ensuring that the strengths of both sides are efficiently utilized, potential obstacles are removed before completion, and the transition at both team and organizational levels is optimal. For this purpose, we employ not only our OE-Due-Diligence methods but also our proven Functional Organisational Chart©.

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